Don’t be Nervous.
We’ve been through this kind of thing
at least 100,000 times.
a FJ Storch inspectors have to crawl before they can evaluate.
Every inspection we undertake is thorough and comprehensive. FJ Storch inspectors crawl over, under and around the structure. It’s the only way for us to get an accurate “picture” of your new home. As you might expect, our certified inspectors can discover plenty about a house when they’re underneath the porch, on the roof, or deep inside a crawlspace.
a The most for your money

Experienced FJ Storch inspectors evaluate ten categories and several hundred areas – from the electrical to the heating system, and from the chimney to the basement. We know what we’re looking for, we know where to look for it and we know how to communicate it.

a Count on FJ Storch

Count on FJ Storch to differentiate the fix-ups from the cover-ups, and determine a good  structure from a poor one. In addition, as you walk through the examination with your FJ Storch inspector, expect to have positives pointed out to you as well as the problem areas. At FJ Storch, we routinely give customers tips on how to accentuate a house’s best features.
At the conclusion of your home inspection, you will be furnished with a series of comprehensive, easy-to-understand reports and FJ Storch’s House Worthy Guarantee.